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(Funding: European Institute For Innovation and Technology)


MATERALIA confirmed its support to the EIT Raw Materials KIC, as our competitiveness cluster has the following interest in the topics related to the Raw Materials: primary resources, recycling of end-of-life products, research and innovation on substitution materials and processes, international cooperation, secure RM supply to industries.

EIT Raw Materials was designated as an EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) by the EIT Governing Boardon 09 December 2014. The challenges adressed by the KIC concern the field of raw materials (sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution) an dthe impact it will generate.

EIT Raw Materials will set up six Co-location Centres: Baltic Sea Co-location in Espoo, Finland; Central Co-location in Metz, France; Eastern Co-location in Wroclaw, Poland; Nordic Co-location in Lulea, Sweden; Southern Co-location in Rome, Italy; Western Co-location in Leuven, Belgium.

EIT Raw Materials Factsheet:



IntermatGR: "Cluster Transnational des Matériaux et Procédés dans la Grance Région".

(Funding: INTERREG IV-A "Grande Région": Coopération territoriale européenne 2007 - 2013 - Programme Opérationnel de Coopération Transfrontalière)



The main objectives of the Interreg Project IntermatGR consists of pooling competences in the field of Materials Engineering in the Gretaer Region as wall as to initiate the exchange of knowledge and the transfer of technology between reearch institutions and enterprises beyond national frontiers.

This ambitious project is challenged by several actors from the Greater Region. Next to the Saarland University as lead beneficiary, other academic institutions such as the University of Luxembourg, the University of Liège and the University of Lorraine are involved. Further important partners of the projects are clustersin the fields of materials and processes, which provide the link to the economy. The Luxembourg Materials Cluster, Pôle Mecatech ASBL and MATERALIA also took part with enormous commitment. Furthermore, the Association of the Metal and Electronics Industry of the Saarland e.V. (ME Saar) is a strategic partner of the consortium.




+COMPOSITES: "Awareness and Transfer of Innovation in composite materials"

(Funding: INTERREG IV-B North West Europe) 


The main objective of +COMPOSITES has been to encourage technology transfer from the composite materials networks to SMEs in North West Europe (NWE). +COMPOSITES supported SMEs wishing to make transition to composite technologies, in accordance with the rules of sustainability. Targeted sectors included transportattion industry and related industrial equipment, which are common to NWE regions. 

Implemented actions: 54 events and inter-professional seminars, 22 visits to companies and laboratories in six regions, 12 regional and international exhibitions. Around 20 SMEs have benefited from the support of +COMPOSITES and the expertise of partners from six regions to initiate a transfer og technology to composites.



CREATIVE TRAINER II: "Training of Creativity and Innovation Management"




Ideas and innovations are of great significance for Europe as a commercial location. New product and service impulses are a prerequisite for the success of European companies on the world market. The "Creative Trainer" project, a creativity and innovation management course, has been designed on the basis of these requirements.

The "Creative Trainer" project makes sound training in the fields of creativity and innovaiton management possible for compnies in partner countries.

The training course consisted on the following modules:

Module 1: creativity techniques: Overview creativity techniques, roles, etc.

Module 2: idea machine: Lateral thinking technique

Module 3: idea evaluation: Overviewdifferent evaluation techniques

Module 4: innovation management: Management of innovation projects

Module 5: innovation marketing: Methods on innovation marketing

This markes well-trained individuals with qualifications in the fields of creativity and innovation management available to comemrce. With new ideas and innovations theu in turn raise the competitiveness of European companies.




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